Hello and welcome!  That’s me and this is something new in the world of Jason. This blog site has been created through inspiration in the hope to do the same for others.

Let me advise you though, I am not a professional writer. When I first mentioned the idea of a blog to my wife the first thing she said to me was “But you don’t write?!” so I guess just bear this in mind as you critique my writing ability :p

I thrive on pushing boundaries and that is what has brought us to here. I was recently reading the writings of a young runner who had been documenting her story and as running is my current activity of choice to pursue greatness in, I found myself fully submerged in her blog space.

I figured that if I can be inspired by this then why can’t I do the same for someone like you perhaps?  This is not a runners blog however, I have tried quite a few things when it comes to health and fitness and I intend on sharing all of them with you, from my time as a successful power-lifter to the failures of trying my hand at boxing and of course keeping you up-to-date with my current activities.

If I inspire or help just one person through this blog space then I will be happy. Please enjoy and thank you for coming 🙂